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BITonFly LLC is the first world company, created in order of monetization of global market of water resources, using a new financial instrument - a universal cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON, based blockchain technology.
Cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON is a new financial instrument, based on a blockchain technology, and it is provided by a real asset - fresh water, and it is intended for free circulation at cryptocurrency exchange "CRON Exchange" and serves as a universal means of payment for the participants of global market of water resources. The initial value of 1 CLIMATE CRON is equal to the cost of 1 barrel of fresh water.

The barrel trade section will become the new direction of the ETP for the Caspian commodity exchange. Within a month of operation of the new section in the online system of CE Caspian, it is planned to make the first deals for the supply of 2 billion barrels of water.
June, 2017
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Based on a blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON

Monetization of global market of water resources is a global issue and requires consolidation of efforts of the key market participants and innovative approaches, using advanced financial technologies (Fin-tech).

To accomplish this global task, company BITonFly LLC in a strategic partnership with Climate Global Control Trading LLC and supported by UAE Government, proceeds to the creation of UAE global climate node (hub) Global Climate Hub on trade of climate services with single information space which is provided by special thematic Internet resource with

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BITonFly Strategic Partners

The main strategic partner of "BITonFly LLC" is company "Climate Global Control Trading (CGCT) LLC".
Potential strategic partners of company BITonFly LLC are:
Governments of countries-participants of global market of water resources.
Investment funds, hedge funds, banks and professional participants of the stock market.
Companies and organizations of agro-industrial sector, oil and other sectors of the economy of countries - the beneficiaries.

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